Sale of Antiques & Art
on Tuesday 23rd May at 11.00am

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1.      Lionel Percy Smythe (1839-1918) FISHER GIRL BY A COASTAL ROCK POOL Watercolour, signed with initials and dated '98, 27 x 37cm. (Sold David Duggleby Lot 1, 01-12-03, £490). £200-300
2.      19th Century English School A WASHERWOMAN AND A WOMAN SEATED AT A SPINNING WHEEL IN A KITCHEN INTERIOR Watercolour, unsigned, 26 x 36cm. £100-200
3.      Tom Rowden MOORLAND SHEPHERD ON HORSEBACK DRIVING SHEEP Watercolour, signed and dated 1903, 17.5 x 48cm and a companion, EXMINSTER MARSHES, DEVON, WITH CATTLE AND SHEEP GRAZING, later titled in pencil verso, (2). £100-200
4.      William Henry Pike (1846-1908) FIGURES FEEDING CHICKENS OUTSIDE A COTTAGE Watercolour, signed and dated 1878, 24 x 33cm. £60-80
5.      Thomas Mortimer (Fl. 1880-1920) FISHING BARGES IN A VENETIAN WATERWAY Watercolour, signed, 15 x 35cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £80-120
6.      Henry John Stock (1853-1930) STUDY OF A YOUNG WOMAN WEARING A LOCKET Watercolour, signed with initials and dated 1903, oval, 20.5 x 25.5cm and another by the same hand, (2). £100-200
7.      John Surtees (1817-1915) RIVER AND FIGURES IN A HIGHLAND LANDSCAPE Watercolour, signed and dated '76, 34 x 55cm. £100-200
8.      19th Century CAMELLIA, OTHER FLOWERS AND BUTTERFLIES Watercolour, unsigned, Christies catalogue extract verso, 23 x 27.5cm. £60-100
9.      Waller (Possibly Lucy Waller, fl. late-19th century) STILL LIFE, A VASE OF ROSES, OTHER FLOWERS AND A BUTTERFLY ON A WOOD TABLE Watercolour, signed, 37 x 29cm. £40-60
10.     John Syer (1815-1885) HIGHLAND LANDSCAPE WITH FIGURES CROSSING A CLAPPER BRIDGE Watercolour, signed and dated '70, 24.5 x 38cm, typed label verso and another, BUSY BOAT YARD, signed watercolour, 22 x 33cm. £100-200
11.     Harry Williams (1854-1898) POLPERRO Watercolour, signed and dated 1883, 28 x 46cm and another, COASTAL SCENE (Possibly Rock), dated 1895, 26 x 43cm, (2). £100-150
12.     Stephen E Hogley (1842-1923) A YOUNG WOMAN CROSSING A STREAM Watercolour, signed, 26 x 48cm. £60-80
13.     Thomas Mortimer (Fl. 1880-1920) BEACHED FISHING BOATS WITH TOWN BEYOND Watercolour, signed, 23 x 53cm. £40-60
14.     Charles Harmony Harrison (1842-1902) TROWSE MILL, NORWICH Watercolour, signed and dated 1894, 26 x 41cm. £40-60
15.     Cheverton White (19th Century) A MALLARD DUCK AND DRAKE ON A GRASSY BANK Watercolour, signed and dated 1884, 36 x 26cm. £40-80
16.     Follower of Miles Birket Foster FIGURES AND A DONKEY CROSSING A STREAM Watercolour, bears monogram, 14.5 x 22cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £60-100
17.     Alfred Leyman (1856-1933) THE BUTTERWALK, DARTMOUTH Watercolour, signed, 37 x 53cm. £200-300
18.     Alfred Charles Webber (1862-1922) A CARDINAL SEATED, READING A BOOK IN FRONT OF THE FIRE Watercolour, signed, 34 x 26.5cm. £200-300
19.     H H S (Victorian) YOUNG GIRL PICKING FLOWERS Watercolour, signed with initials, 19.5 x 13cm and another YOUNG GIRL READING A BOOK, unsigned, 19.5 x 13cm, (2). £60-80
20.     Gerald Edwin Tucker FISHING BOATS, MOORED Watercolour, signed, 15 x 20cm and four other works by the same hand, (5). £40-60
21.     Brian John Lombard Palmer (B. 1934) VIXEN TOR Watercolour, signed, 17 x 24.5cm and a companion, BELOW HAYTOR, a pair, together with another, LOWESTOFT, watercolour, signed with monogram 'AF', 23.5 x 38.5cm, (3). £20-30
22.     Robert Henry Smith (19th/20th Century) FISHING FOR DABS Monochrome watercolour highlighted white, signed, 47 x 33.5cm. £180-220
23.     19th/20th century Japanese School, A GROUP OF SIX STUDIES OF RURAL FIGURES AND TRADES PEOPLE Unsigned, framed as two, each 9 x 16cm. £40-60
25.     Joseph William Allen (1803-1852) AN ALPINE VILLAGE Watercolour, artist's name and dates printed on mount, titled Tamar Gallery label verso, 20 x 28.5cm. £30-40
26.     Edwin Fudge; LANDSCAPE, SHEEP WITHIN GROUNDS OF COUNTRY HOUSE Indistinctly-signed watercolour, 29 x 38.5cm. £100-120
27.     William Gibbons (Late-19th century) PLYMOUTH BARBICAN, WAITING FOR THE CATCH Signed watercolour, dated 1884, 34 x 51.5cm. £200-300
28.     Frederic Bernard; MARY LOUISE TOZER, THREE-QUARTER LENGTH PORTRAIT Signed watercolour, dated 1844, 41 x 32cm. £100-150
29.     P H S Lloyd FISHING BOAT APPROACHING A BRIDGE WITH A CHURCH IN BACKGROUND Signed watercolour, dated 1907, 29 x 44cm and another unsigned watercolour, 28 x 50cm, (2). £40-60
30.     Style of Tom Rowden CATTLE AND SHEEP BESIDE A STREAM Unsigned watercolour, titled and attributed on mount, 34 x 51cm, also Reuben Southey (1888-1933) YES TOR, DARTMOOR, signed watercolour, 28.5 x 48cm, titled on label verso, (2). £30-50
31.     Edward Hargitt (1835-1895) WOODED VALE WITH RIVER BELOW Signed watercolour, 20 x 30cm, also 19th century English School SHEPHERD DRIVING HIS FLOCK ACROSS A RIVER, watercolour, bears signature 'John Varley', 20 x 30cm, (2). £60-80
32.     Victorian School portrait miniature of a young woman holding a book, three-quarter length, unsigned watercolour, 18 x 14cm, in gilt gesso frame and another portrait of a young woman wearing a bonnet, unsigned oil on card, 11 x 9cm, in oval gilt gesso frame, (2). £80-120
33.     Two 19th century Bartolozzi engravings, framed oval, 20 x 16cm, two others and a Le Blond print, The Gleaners, (5). £30-50
34.     After Edward J Poynter THE VISIT OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA TO KING SOLOMON, Framed black and white engraving, pub: Thos. Mclean, signed in pencil by artist and Leon Girandet in mount, 73 x 96cm in gilt frame, (af). £50-80
35.     19th Century English School TWO THREE-MASTED WARSHIPS AT SEA WITH A STEAM/SAIL SHIP BEHIND Watercolour, signed with monogram WFS and dated 80, 22 x 33cm. £40-60
41.     Carel Weight (Attrib.) (1907-1997) MARSH LAND Oil on board, signed, 26.5 x 54cm. £200-300
42.     Ulrich? (19th Century Continental School) TWO WOMEN IN COSTUME AT A WELL Oil on board, indistinctly signed, 14.5 x 16.5cm. £60-100
43.     ***land Hunt YOUNG GIRL WITH DUCKS BY A COTTAGE Oil on board, signed, 24 x 17cm. £40-60
44.     J Tamley; FIGURES FISHING BESIDE A FARM Oil on board, signed, 24 x 19.5cm and a companion, a pair, (2). £80-120
45.     **schays (19th Century Dutch School) A BUSY STREET WITH NUMEROUS FIGURES OUTSIDE A TAVERN, A WELL IN THE FOREGROUND Oil on panel, indistinctly signed, in foliate gilt gesso frame, 24.5 x 35cm. £400-600
46.     Peter Macgregor Wilson RSW (1855-1928) FISHING BOATS AT DUSK Oil on canvas, signed, 24 x 39cm. £100-200
47.     •Boleslaw Jan Czedekowski (1885-1969) PORTRAIT OF A GENTLEMAN WITH A MOUSTACHE, WEARING A BROWN OVERCOAT, WAISTCOAT, WHITE SHIRT AND TIE Signed oil on canvas, dated 1924, 64.5 x 53cm, together with an unframed oil on canvas portrait of the same sitter wearing a jacket, shirt and tie, indistinctly-signed, 74 x 60cm, (2). £60-80
48.     •Mary Martin (B. 1951) LANDSCAPE, SOUTHERN FRANCE Signed oil on board, dated '86, 44.5 x 60cm. £150-250
49.     •Mary Martin (B. 1951) FLOWERS IN A GARDEN Signed oil on board, dated '91, 26.5 x 34.5cm. £150-200
50.     •Mary Martin (B. 1951) EVENING IN HIGH SUMMER Signed oil on board, dated '89, titled label verso, 39 x 29.5cm. £150-200
51.     19th century English School LAKE IN A MOUNTAINOUS LANDSCAPE WITH CANOES IN THE FOREGROUND, (POSSIBLY CANADA) Unsigned oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm. £40-60
52.     Unsigned STILL LIFE, VASE OF FLOWERS Oil on board, 49 x 60cm. £40-60
53.     D Hicks MOUNTAINOUS SCOTTISH LANDSCAPE AND LOCH Signed oil on canvas, 43 x 31cm, together with a pencil sketch, 'L'Arc de Triomphe' and a coloured print, (3). £30-50
59.     Two child's elm and beech wheel-back chairs, 61cm high, (2). £50-100
60.     A pair of Victorian walnut hall chairs with pierced shaped backs and solid seats, on turned front legs, (2). £60-80
61.     An early-Victorian rosewood side cabinet, the mirrored back with carved frame above a serpentine white marble top and two mirrored doors flanked by carved pilasters, on shaped plinth, 141cm wide, 152cm high. £200-300
62.     A Victorian inlaid walnut dwarf bookcase having a single glazed door and gilt metal mounts, 74cm wide, 93cm high. £50-80
63.     A modern Oriental painted wood four-fold screen decorated with exotic birds and flowering shrubs, 177cm high. £30-50
64.     A Victorian walnut salon chair, the carved shaped back and serpentine upholstered seat on cabriole legs with castors. £80-120
65.     A Victorian walnut sewing box of tapered rectangular shape with two hinged and marquetry-inlaid flaps and carrying handle on splayed turned legs joined by a galleried shelf, 37.5cm wide, 70cm high. £100-150
66.     A mainly-18th-century oak bureau/bookcase having a pair of astragal-glazed doors above a fall front with fitted interior, on four graduated drawers and bracket feet, 104cm wide, 204cm high. £150-200
67.     An early-18th century cross-banded and feather-banded walnut chest on stand, the moulded cornice above three small and three graduated long drawers, the stand with three drawers, on later bun feet, 107cm wide, 135cm high, (generally poor condition). £200-300
68.     An Edwardian cross-banded mahogany display cabinet having astragal-glazed side panels and a pair of doors, on square tapered legs joined by an under-tier, 123cm wide, 175cm high. £200-300
69.     A William IV mahogany chiffonier, the shelved back with carved cresting above a frieze drawer and two cupboard doors flanked by pilasters, 103cm wide, 128cm high. £100-150
70.     A 17th/18th century oak-panelled coffer, the planked top above a carved front and concealed base drawer, 130cm wide, 73cm high. £100-200
71.     An antique oak coffer, the later top above carved front panels and later bracket feet, 127cm wide, 77cm high. £40-60
72.     An early-19th century circular mahogany and rosewood-banded breakfast table raised on turned column and tri-form base, with turned feet, 111cm diameter. £30-40
73.     A 19th century inlaid oak dresser, the upper section with shelves flanked by two cupboard doors and two drawers, on a rectangular top above two frieze drawers and cabriole front legs, 126cm wide, 200cm high. £200-300
74.     An antique oak dresser, the shelved plate rack with rows of iron cup hooks above three frieze drawers, on turned legs joined by a stretcher, 169cm wide, 218cm high. £80-120
75.     A pair of mahogany carved and turned bed posts converted as torchère stands, raised on tripod supports, 153cm high, (one with damage to the top and loose leg), (2). £100-150
76.     A Georgian small mahogany drop-leaf table having an end frieze drawer, on turned legs with pad feet, (two feet damaged), 71 x 65cm open and an 18th century mahogany fold-over card table with two drawers, on square chamfered legs, 83cm wide, (damaged), (2). £30-50
77.     A Victorian walnut circular dining table on hexagonal baluster column and carved tri-form supports, 128cm diameter. £100-200
78.     A mahogany bow-fronted side table fitted with two frieze drawers, on reeded tapered legs, 92cm wide, damage to leg, and a bow-fronted inlaid mahogany commode chest, 62cm wide, (2). £30-50
79.     A child's inlaid mahogany corner chair, (damage to arm), a pair of Georgian dining chairs with drop-in seats and two other dining chairs, (5). £30-40
80.     A reproduction mahogany circular dining table with inlaid and cross-banded decoration, on single pedestal and quadruped support, with extra leaf, 183 x 123cm open. £100-150
81.     A late-Georgian mahogany bow-fronted chest of two short and two long cockbeaded drawers, on bracket feet, 87cm wide, 90cm high. £60-80
82.     A Georgian mahogany bird-cage tilt-top table, the circular top with piecrust edge, on turned column and repaired tripod, 66cm diameter, standing 71cm high. £50-80
83.     A 19th century mahogany circular table, the bird-cage action on turned column supported by three shaped legs, 88cm, (a/f) and a pair of late-19th century mahogany hall chairs, (a/f), (3). £40-60
84.     A two-door hardwood small cupboard, the pair of panelled doors with incised oval trade mark Manuel Garcia Alonso Havana, 48cm wide, 67cm high. £20-30
85.     A 19th century mahogany floor-standing open bookcase, 109cm wide, 101cm high. £100-150
86.     A late-Victorian walnut Davenport writing desk, 56cm wide, 95cm high. £40-60
87.     A mahogany bow-fronted chest of two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 87cm wide, 87cm high. £40-60
88.     An Edwardian mahogany circular occasional table, the cross-banded inlaid top on square tapered legs and spade feet, 90cm diameter. £40-60
89.     A Victorian walnut and ebony overmantel mirror of rectangular shape, 74 x 105cm. £50-80
90.     A late-George-III mahogany small Carlton House-style writing desk of rectangular shape, the galleried top with a bank of curved drawers, central writing surface and hinged reading slope above three frieze drawers, raised on turned tapered legs with reeded detail and brass capping castors, with mainly original knob handles and Bramah locks, 106cm wide, 89cm high, 63cm deep. £1500-2000
91.     A Victorian mahogany button-back salon chair, the carved frame and serpentine seat on short turned legs, (castors replaced). £100-200
92.     A large Victorian pine cupboard fitted with a pair of doors over a base drawer, 177cm wide, 213cm high. £100-150
93.     A Georgian mahogany serpentine fold-over card table, the top above a serpentine frieze, on fluted chamfered square legs, 91cm wide. £100-150
94.     A late-George-III inlaid mahogany fold-over card table, the top cross-banded with burr yew wood, above formal inlaid frieze, on slender reeded and turned legs, 91.5cm wide, (one hinge damaged). £100-200
95.     A Chippendale-style armchair with upholstered back and seat and blind fret, carved arms and chamfered square front legs, (old damage and restorations). £100-200
96.     A 17th/18th century inlaid walnut rectangular chest of two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 93cm wide, 92cm high, (handles replaced, old restoration). £200-300
97.     A Victorian mahogany chiffonier, the low shelved back above a pair of panelled doors flanked by columns, 113cm wide, 121cm high. £80-120
98.     A Georgian-style mahogany serpentine dressing table mirror, the oval plate above three drawers, 65cm high and an Edwardian kidney-shaped mahogany tray decorated with foliate marquetry, 66 x 38cm, (2). £60-80
100.    A reproduction wood effect 'marquetry' mantel clock with gilt and enamel dial and gilt metal mounts, 37cm high, 62cm wide, on a display cabinet with drawer and glazed doors in the French taste, (2). £200-300
101.    A 19th century mahogany long case clock with arch painted dial and 8-day bell-striking movement, 226cm high, (case in need of restoration). £100-150
102.    A 19th century French spelter mantel clock, the part-bronzed part-gilt figural case with two Sèvres-style porcelain plaques and circular enamelled dial, signed 'Miroy F.res Brevetés Paris, Prize Medal 1851', the bell-striking drum movement stamped 'Japy Freres', 39cm high, under glass dome, on wood stand. £100-150
103.    A French brass carriage timepiece, the square enamel dial marked 'Mappin & Webb, Paris', 15cm high, with key, (outer case damaged). £50-80
104.    A Good Ebenezer Thompson English carriage timepiece, the single fusée movement signed E Thompson, 181 Sloane St, London, no.1215, the case with foliate side panels above reeded columns and leaf plinth with disc feet, the bevelled glass door enclosing the rectangular foliate chased dial with Roman numerals and single winding arbour at 4 o'clock, 14.5cm high, with original key, in travelling case. £1000-1500
105.    A 19th century Oriental carved bone group of a monkey holding a flute and a human skeleton with fan seated on a skull, 10.5cm high. £50-80
106.    A late-19th/early-20th century carved ivory netsuke of a rat on a clam shell, signature beneath, a bone thimble case and other items, (damages). £30-50
107.    A silver-mounted briar root pipe with detachable mouthpiece and extension. £40-60
108.    Five Modello Depositato metal napkin holders in the form of fish, 24cm, (5). £40-60
109.    A late-19th/early-20th century oil lamp, the domed rectangular brass reservoir and later etched glass shade, on pierced stand, 58cm high. £40-60
110.    A large bronze porthole with glazed hinged window, 45cm diameter. £30-50
111.    A small glazed bronze porthole, 30cm diameter and other parts of portholes. £40-60
112.    A board mounted with various bronze boat pins. £20-30
113.    A 19th century Chinese cloisonné teapot and cover decorated with panels of flowers, on a brocade background, 10cm high. £30-40
114.    A Victorian wall regulator clock, the circular silvered dial, 34.5cm diameter, with second and hour subsidiaries within the minute dial, the three-pillar movement with deadbeat escapement, single lead weight suspended by a brass and steel pulley wheel, the wood rod pendulum with brass covered adjustable lenticular bob, the mahogany case with circular glazed hood and waisted form with slender door, 162 cm high, 49cm wide, (crack to lower case). £1000-1500
115.    A 19th century carved bone needle case in the form of an umbrella with Stanhope inset to handle, "Memory of Hull", a Mauchline heart-shaped pin cushion, "Weymouth from the New Pier", a small sampler by Augusta Whisker Aged 12, May 1879, 19 x 23.5cm and other items. £50-80
116.    An ebony walking cane with silver-mounted top and bone ferrule, 91cm long. £20-40
117.    Turville, 20th century, three portrait silhouettes of a young man and two young ladies dressed in the Regency taste, signed watercolour with gouache heightening, oval 10 x 7.4cm, in ebonised gilt-decorated rectangular frames, (3). £40-60
118.    A collection of nine 17th century-style pewter trefid spoons with crowned rose touch mark to interior of bowls, initials 'HK' within crown and two similar spoons, touch mark to handles, (11). £60-80
119.    A collection of seven 17th century-style pewter spoons with plain handles, crowned rose touch mark to interior of bowls, initials 'HK' within crown and three other pewter spoons, (10). £60-80
120.    A pair of gilt metal wall light fittings cast as Bacchanalian masks, 23cm, (2). £60-80
121.    A Victorian burr walnut humidor having two drawers enclosed by a pair of doors, later fitted as a jewellery cabinet, 30cm wide, 23cm high. £50-80
122.    A toleware rectangular tray, the border decorated with gilt flowers and foliage, 77 x 58cm. £40-60
123.    A late-19th/early-20th century Japanese ivory and lacquered panel depicting two female figures, ivory signature plaque, 61 x 38cm, (small losses and chips to lacquer). £60-80
124.    An early to mid-20th century crocodile skin cigar holder, 11 x 16cm, together with two circular leather collar boxes and a small collection of white collars. £40-60
125.    A 19th century gilt gesso oval picture frame, 50 x 40cm and another, 44 x 35cm, (2). £40-60
126.    A Victorian oval girandole, the oval gilt gesso frame with foliate cresting and candle holders, 97 x 57cm. £100-150
127.    A miniature Benares-style circular brass tray, 30cm diameter, on folding wood stand, a bronze and metal box with hinged cover, embossed overall with foliate designs, 22cm wide and another brass lidded box, 14cm wide, (3). £50-80
128.    A 20th century marble pillar, 98cm high and a painted plaster figural lamp, 123cm, (2). £30-50
129.    A novelty Vesta case in the form of the head of W E Gladstone, base metal, 5cm. £30-40
130.    A late-19th century walnut dressing case, the fitted interior with glass boxes and bottles with plated tops, some a/f, 30.5cm wide, 17cm high, 22.5cm deep. £60-80
136.    A Victorian oil lamp with etched pink glass shade and moulded pink glass reservoir, on lacquered brass and ceramic stand, 65cm high. £50-70
137.    A Fazakerley English Delft charger, simply-decorated with flowers, 34cm diameter. £200-300
138.    An Art Nouveau ceramic oval tray designed by Carl Sigmund Luber and manufactured by the Nuremberg factory of Johann von Schwarz, having moulded decoration of a young woman beside irises, in a plated twin-handled frame, impressed '8927', 'R' and painted mark 'B319', 'A' and 'XVII', 41.5 x 30cm. £100-150
139.    A William Moorcroft shouldered ovoid-shaped vase decorated in the Moonlit Blue pattern, painted in shades of blue and green on a deep blue ground, impressed Moorcroft, 'Made in England' and green signature to base, 25cm high, (a/f), restoration to rim. £200-300
140.    A William Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated in the Hazeldene pattern, (a/f), with replacement pewter foot and restoration to rim, 32.5cm high. £100-200
141.    A Clarice Cliff ceramic bowl decorated in the Crocus pattern, factory mark and facsimile signature to base, 18.8cm diameter, 8cm high. £40-60
142.    Three Lladro figures, 'Pierrot with concertina', 15cm, 'Pierrot with dog', 12cm and 'Pierrot with puppy and ball', 12cm, with boxes, (3). £60-80
143.    A Lladro figure of a clown lifting his coat to reveal a dog and two puppies, 25.5cm high and another of a clown with a puppy in his pocket and a young girl beside holding a puppy, 23cm high, both unboxed, (2). £40-60
144.    Ten Wedgwood green leaf pattern plates, 21.5cm diameter, two Wedgwood green shaped oval plates, 28 x 22cm and a pair of Coalport green and gilt border plates decorated with garlands of flowers, 23cm, (14). £30-40
145.    A modern Moorcroft ovoid-shaped vase decorated in the Underwood pattern after Debbie Hancock, made for Macintyre, no. 2/350, D J Hancock and Hugh Edwards signatures to base, impressed factory mark, dated '98, 18.5cm high. £120-180
146.    A modern Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated in the Simeon pattern on ivory and blue ground, impressed factory mark, dated '99 and initials to base, 16cm high. £60-80
147.    A modern Moorcroft trial piece small vase decorated in the Hartring pattern by Emma Bossons, painted by Kerri Goodwin, impressed factory mark, trial 16-12-02 and Kerri signature to base, 11cm high. £60-80
148.    A modern Moorcroft baluster-shaped ginger jar and cover decorated in the Anemone pattern, impressed factory mark, painted initials, ©2002 to base, 16cm high.
149.    A 1940's/1950's Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated in the Orchid pattern, impressed factory mark, 'Made in England' and blue initials to base, 15cm high. £80-120
150.    A small Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated in the Pansy pattern, impressed Moorcroft, Burslem M45 and green initials to base, 10cm high. £60-80
151.    A small Moorcroft baluster-shaped vase decorated in the Pansy pattern, impressed Moorcroft, 'Made in England' M22 to base, 9.5cm high, another decorated in the Pomegranate pattern with plated rim, impressed Moorcroft, 'Made in England, M22 to base, 9cm high, (small chip to rim of base) and another small Moorcroft vase decorated in the Hibiscus pattern with tube-lined flowers against a green ground, impressed Moorcroft, 'Made in England' to base, 9cm high, (all with restoration), (3). £60-80
152.    A Moorcroft circular ashtray with central tube-lined floral decoration on a blue ground and another square-shaped ashtray, 12cm, both impressed Moorcroft, 'Made in England', (2). £50-80
153.    A Royal Worcester part coffee set with painted decoration of garden birds by D Wilson, comprising coffee pot, six coffee cans and saucers, factory mark to base. £200-300
154.    A Royal Winton bachelor breakfast set, comprising a yellow ground tray fitted to hold a cup, small teapot, bowl, milk jug and toast rack, floral decoration to handles. £40-60
155.    Six 18th century Chinese armorial plates with puce initial cartouche to the centre and with a floral border and gilt rim, 23cm diameter and five damaged dishes from the same service, (11). £100-200
156.    A Canton decorated cylindrical vase with flared rim, 20cm high, marked 'China' and a collection of Cantonese dinner and tea wares, marked 'China', approximately 40 pieces. £100-150
157.    A Royal Doulton stoneware flower vase of compressed circular form decorated in mottled blue, green and white glazes, impressed marks beneath, no.8528 and incised mark 'MB', 15cm high. £30-40
158.    A Victorian Parian ware group of a mother with two children, stamped 'RC32', 50cm high, (firing crack beneath and chip to foot). £60-80
159.    A large 19th century Chinese famille verte model of a seated lion dog and pierced ball on a tall plinth, 39cm high. £70-100
160.    A 19th century Middle Eastern pottery jar and cover painted in coloured enamels in the Iznik style, possibly Turkish, 24.5cm high. £80-120
161.    A 17th century Italian Albarello of waisted form painted with a saintly figure and foliate design to the reverse in typical majolica colours, 28cm high, (chips to rim, internal hairline cracks.) £300-500
162.    A similar 17th century Italian Albarello, 28cm high, (old damages and repairs to rim and upper body). £100-200
163.    A large Doulton Lambeth tankard by Hannah Barlow, the tapered body decorated with incised donkeys in a landscape, within bands of blue shell motifs, the rim with silver mount dated 1875, incised and impressed marks beneath, 20cm high, (no visible damage). £300-500
164.    A Doulton Lambeth tankard with silver rim, decorated with a group of donkeys within fleur de lys and flowerhead borders, impressed and incised marks and dated 1875, 14cm high, (no visible damage, silver band loose). £100-200
165.    A Doulton Lambeth tankard with silver rim, decorated with stags and hinds at rest, impressed and incised marks, dated 1875, 14cm high, (no visible damage). £150-250
166.    A Martinware baluster stoneware vase decorated with ducks, bulrushes, kingfisher and insects, incised signature beneath and dated 10-1892, 25cm high, (neck and rim restored). £200-300
167.    A Lalique glass rectangular dish with relief-moulded fan decoration, engraved 'Lalique, France', 13 x 11cm. £40-60
168.    A Whitefriars tangerine glass 'TV' vase decorated with concentric rectangles, designed by G Baxter, 17.5cm high. £60-80
169.    A Whitefriars green glass 'coffin-shaped' bark-textured vase designed by G Baxter, 13cm high and a tangerine glass long-necked vase with bark-textured body, 18cm high, (2). £60-80
170.    Three 19th century coloured glass bottles of flattened flask form with plated mounts and cork stoppers, blue, red and amethyst colours, 23cm and 22cm high and a glass inkwell, (4). £100-150
171.    A set of six cut glass sundae dishes, each with wide bowl on collared stem and spreading foot, 14cm high, (6). £60-80
172.    A 19th century heavy cut glass vase of tapered form with flared rim on short knopped stem and star-cut foot, 23cm high, 17cm diameter, (scratches to foot and internal surfaces, minor chips). £40-60
173.    A pair of heavy cut glass decanters of mallet shape with mushroom stoppers, 29cm high and a similar decanter, (3), (minor chips and abrasions overall). £80-120
174.    A 19th century hexagonal cut-glass decanter, 26.5cm high, a cut-glass wine jug, 30cm high and two others, (4). £30-50